Value Added Services. Our services extend beyond just title insurance.

Our team provides real estate related services that add value beyond the traditional title insurance product line. Our solutions touch on all areas of real estate. And, our professionals do too. We are equipped to assist you with the arduous task of document retrieval, accommodation recordings, search projects that expand beyond your local reach, and even commercial foreclosure navigation.

Document Retrieval and Search Service

Need more detailed information on a particular property? Last deed of record search, name search, address search, or whatever it may be, let us handle it Need more detailed information on a particular property? Last deed of record search, name search, address search whatever it may be let us handle it for you. Our team can obtain copies of previously recorded documents upon request, and deliver certified copies when desired. We can facilitate a variety of requests ranging from mortgage or deed searches to name or parcel identification number searches. Thanks to our local footprint we can handle this challenging task while giving you one single point of contact with the comfort of knowing your job will be done quickly and efficiently.

National Due Diligence Services

NDDS specializes in single, multi-site and multi-state assignments or portfolios, with cost sensitive deadlines. A single point of contact will jump start your nationwide project providing interactive, web-based ALTA/ACSM Land Surveys, Zoning Reports & Letters, Environmental Site Assessments, Seismic Risk Assessments and Property Condition Assessments saving you time and money. National Due Diligence Services wants to be your partner for the success and future of your business. National Due Diligence Services provides the highest caliber of professional service and our reputation has been built on providing superior customer service with dedicated and engaged project managers every step of the way.

Accommodation Recording Service

Whether you need one document recorded or one thousand, our nationwide network of local offices and web-based electronic recording options help make the process efficient and timely. We specialize in the recording of any and all legal documents, as well as document tracking and retrieval for you. Regardless of the municipality, our team will help get your document to the county, track it through the recording process, and return it to the correct location. We will also provide feedback with regard to rejected documents and will work side by side with the customer to best remedy the situation and get the document(s) recorded.

Proceedings & Necessary Party Exams

Navigating Commercial Foreclosure. Let Phoenix National Commercial Services Lead the Search.

When you need help securing a foreclosure on a commercial property in a timely manner, see the experts at Commonwealth Land Title lnsurance Company, National Commercial Services Division. Our professionals will help you navigate the commercial foreclosure process, and skillfully guide you through all five major steps in a commercial foreclosure:

  1. Necessary parties examination for judicial proceeding (minutes of foreclosure)
  2. Complaint procedures
  3. After judgment
  4. Sale
  5. Issuance of sheriff’s deed

When a bank forecloses on a commercial property, the law requires that the bank to give notice to all parties – known or unknown owners/non-record claimants. We have the experience, national staff and technological resources to identify unknown parties and do an extremely detailed search to ensure the property forecloses on schedule and without any unknown owners that make later claims on the property.

Some of the tools used to eliminate non-record claimant interests include the issuance of:

  • Affidavit: after the notice of foreclosure is recorded, the plaintiff must file an affidavit with the court clerk stating the names and respective present or last known addresses of the non-record claimants or that the existence, names and present of last known address of the non-record claimants are unknown.
  • Publication Notice: at least 30 days prior to the entry of a judgment of foreclosure, non-record claimants must be provided with notice as set forth in the statute or local statute. Most often it takes the form of publication in a local newspaper.

Once the judgment is issued, we will issue a title commitment to ensure the foreclosure can move forward as planned – allowing the lender to eventually take title to the property and then sell it.